Friday, July 18, 2008

Week 30

And the winner for week 28 with a very relaxing photo is number 11!
Congratulations legs eleven!
The new theme for week 30 (care of the magical Ms Oxley) is



4. The Magic of Birthdays...


7. The Magic of a Friday Afternoon


1. It's All Around Us...

(For those of you wondering how I got that blue background - I actually lined up the droplets of water on the branch with a big blue ball on the ground behind them. Then I just cropped the photo so all you could see was the blue ball contrasting with the droplets!)


11. Magical Moments


9. There's Magic in the Making.



Anonymous said...

Ooooh this week is sooo hard!!! The hours are ticking by and I still haven't captured any magic! What's a girl to do?

scrapwitch said...

me either...eeecccckkkkkk..and its my theme daylight hours are ticking by.

Anonymous said...

OM Freakin G!!!! I love your pic number 1!!! it rocks.