Friday, June 27, 2008

Week 27

Congratulations number 11!

A beautiful photo reflecting the theme of simplicity so well!

Voting starts tonight for your favourite In Your Neighborhood photo - good luck everyone!

The week 27 theme is...


3. PLAYING with fire...


8. Sunset fun.......


11. Playdough is fun for grandmas too!


10. I wish I could play like her...


9. Sand Play


1. A Peek into His World...

ISO 400 f/1.4

(My latest trick is to use the sports setting - I like to call it the 'Running Man' and just take bursts of photos. When photographing people I seem to be able to capture more natural photos rather than waiting for one moment to present itself. I think this is due to the fact I'm a novice though and not a pro, but it works for me -and they also seem to have a more natural light too!)


5.She loves creative play....


4. Scrabble anyone???


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Week 26

Congratulations to numbers 7 and 8 - a tie for first place last week with their very different takes on the Friendship theme.

Week 26 is:
In Your Neighborhood

(thanks Melissa C)


11. Our neighbours are our friends


4. A special piece of my Neighbourhood.....


5. The Lake...This wonderful lake and park overflowing with wildlife...

Our weekend playground!


10. In my neighbourhood we have the most beautiful bay.


9. All ways lead to water


1. I'd managed to con my new neighbor into a photo shoot for this week. After I'd taken a few over the fence snaps, we were chatting away and I happened to capture this lovely shot of Mr X giving Miss M a flower. We've got great neighbors!

(ISO 1600 f5.6)


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Week 25

Congratulations everyone - we're half way through the challenge! Week 25 and going strong. Thankyou to all our loyal voters for visiting us each week. Let the fun continue!

And the winner of the Passion week's photo is number 1. Well done everyone on some really interesting variations on that theme!

Voting has now started for week 24. Scroll down and see which FRIENDSHIP photo takes your fancy and cast your vote!

And lastly, the new theme for week 25 is:



5. The simple things in life are often the best things - an icecream in the park!


7. Just the starkness of winter. Now that's simplicity.


4. The simplicity of a moment in the garden.......


1. A Little Ray of Sunshine

(f4.5 ISO 400 1/2500)


N0.8 The Simplicity of JOY.....


3. Simplicity to me is living a healthy life, eating healthy foods and being with nature...


10. this land


11. simple living


9.she's simply puuuuuurrrfect


Friday, June 6, 2008

Week 24

The new theme for the next week 24 is:



7. The love/hate friendship between me and chocolate is a never ending one.


1. This photo was taken in the hospital whilst waiting for the doctor to take Miss M's plaster off. It captures for me the real essence of friendship. Support, care, genuine concern for another's well-being and most of all love. Two cousins, true friends...


11. Sisters make the best friends!


N0 8. A Life Long Friendship.


3. A symbol of friendship


10. Friendship - well it's being there to lend a helping hand.


9. Friendship is sharing playtime.

4. It's a furry kinda friendship!...........


5. A friendly push in the right direction!!!