Friday, June 6, 2008

Week 24

The new theme for the next week 24 is:



7. The love/hate friendship between me and chocolate is a never ending one.


1. This photo was taken in the hospital whilst waiting for the doctor to take Miss M's plaster off. It captures for me the real essence of friendship. Support, care, genuine concern for another's well-being and most of all love. Two cousins, true friends...


11. Sisters make the best friends!


N0 8. A Life Long Friendship.


3. A symbol of friendship


10. Friendship - well it's being there to lend a helping hand.


9. Friendship is sharing playtime.

4. It's a furry kinda friendship!...........


5. A friendly push in the right direction!!!



tracey said...

love all the pics girls - great range of interpretations still filtering through --- and i so can't believe we are half way through - time sure flies....

Donna said...

Yes - congrats everyone - we are half way now! Don't forget to email me with any theme suggestions you might want to have a go at.