Saturday, June 21, 2008

Week 26

Congratulations to numbers 7 and 8 - a tie for first place last week with their very different takes on the Friendship theme.

Week 26 is:
In Your Neighborhood

(thanks Melissa C)


11. Our neighbours are our friends


4. A special piece of my Neighbourhood.....


5. The Lake...This wonderful lake and park overflowing with wildlife...

Our weekend playground!


10. In my neighbourhood we have the most beautiful bay.


9. All ways lead to water


1. I'd managed to con my new neighbor into a photo shoot for this week. After I'd taken a few over the fence snaps, we were chatting away and I happened to capture this lovely shot of Mr X giving Miss M a flower. We've got great neighbors!

(ISO 1600 f5.6)



Anonymous said...

wow thats a magic shot number 4

Anonymous said...

I think No 1 catches the magic this week.

Anonymous said...

well i dont

scrapwitch said...

well i like seeing all the different aspects of each persons neighbourhood .
im seeing the magic in all the shots