Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week 36

Congratulations to number 11 catching those random droplets of water!

And the new theme for week 36 is...



7. Kid-port. They love it.


11. Leaving on a jetplane...


10. Our mode of...


4. These get me around...

1. If This Ship Could Talk...

Whilst cruising the burbs today trying to get DS to sleep, I had a look around the port for some inspiration and found this lovely looking boat. I can't quite make out her name, but it got me wondering... How old is she? Where has she come from, and where's she going? And most importantly, what adventures on the high seas has she had?

ISO 400 f/14 50mm


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Week 35

This week it's congratulations to number 7 for a peaceful and serene reflection photo.

And finally, the new theme for our photographers to get started with for week 35 is...



7. We can't even keep the plastic ones from going belly up.


4. Kitty....................


5. Beautiful Belle...


11. a pet pillow




1. Mr Horny

(ISO 400 f/1.4)


10. Rosey the fish

{iso 400/f5.6}

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Week 34

The winner for week 32 'THREE" is number 1 with some rustic charm. Congratulations number 1!

And the new theme for week 34 is



No.8 Complete Randomness........


1. I have an artist in residence at my place...

(ISO 400 f/6.3)


9.random pieces of me

7. Just the random bits of old.

11. catching the random droplets


10. It's random... almost sporadic


4. Random.................


5. A random moment of everyday play....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Week 33

Congratulations goes to number 4 for winning week number 31 with a gorgeous snooze photo. That cat has 'tude!

The new theme for week 33 (in the true spirit of the Olympics) is...



9. It's all relative !


1. Is it behind these doors?

ISO 100 F 6.3


7. Peaceful Reflection


11. World peace begins at home.


10. Peace from another planet... Kidsville...


4. Sometimes you just have to offer an olive branch...


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Week 32

The winner for week 31 "Magic" is number 1.

The poll is now open for you to vote on your favourite "Snooze" photo.
The theme for week 32 is...



1. Silent Sentinels

This shot was taken almost in the middle of the day - so it wasn't an ideal time to capture these lonely lads, however it does help to portray the harshness of their job don't you think? Standing there day in, day out... If only these mail boxes could talk.

ISO 200 (very sunny) F6.3


7. These THREE would be lost without each other.


N0.8 Third Wave.


11. Ever felt like the odd one out?


9. Three on skin


4. Three little Quackers.........

10. Three what?
I had a bit of a play with CS3 and a cool vintage action...