Saturday, August 2, 2008

Week 32

The winner for week 31 "Magic" is number 1.

The poll is now open for you to vote on your favourite "Snooze" photo.
The theme for week 32 is...



1. Silent Sentinels

This shot was taken almost in the middle of the day - so it wasn't an ideal time to capture these lonely lads, however it does help to portray the harshness of their job don't you think? Standing there day in, day out... If only these mail boxes could talk.

ISO 200 (very sunny) F6.3


7. These THREE would be lost without each other.


N0.8 Third Wave.


11. Ever felt like the odd one out?


9. Three on skin


4. Three little Quackers.........

10. Three what?
I had a bit of a play with CS3 and a cool vintage action...

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tracey said...

fabulous pics again girls... tis too hard to choose i have two faves this week...