Saturday, October 11, 2008

Week 42

Firstly a big congratulations to numer 4 with a calming night time candle still life!
Your Favourite Spot
Or any place that is where you can rejuvinate, feel calm, rested, relaxed and inspired.

8. Calming veiw...

As I have yet to find such a place (in Adu Dhabi) ... I hope that my new appartment will be a fav spot for me to create...


1. Rossie's Beach

The chair on the front verandah at my sister-in-law's house, overlooking the ocean on a warm spring afternoon is definitely my favourite place to be. And sunsets are equally as wonderful!

(ISO set at 100 for a sunny afternoon shot)


4. Home...


11. Being on our new front verandah

9. My favourite spot ever!!!

A cool beverage, good company and a view that brings millions to see it .

I feel like I'm home here.



tracey said...

great shots girls - unfortunately i did not get to play with my camera this week - nothing exciting in my travels really - love your works though!

Anonymous said...

I think the voting numbers are wrong! is there anything that can be done to fix it???

Gallery 12 said...

Ooh - thank you anon for poining that out. It appears that 4 and 9 are swapped over in the poll - unfortunately - becaus eit is a poll, once the first vote has been cast it is impossible to change it (for validity reasons). So hopefully voters will realise and vote for the NUMBER - not the title?! So sorry 4 and 11! Ed

Gallery 12 said...

Actually - that should have said, so sorry to 4 and 9 - (hit forhead)! - Ed