Thursday, December 6, 2007

Welcome to the 52 Week Photo Challenge!

Hi everyone and welcome to this, the inaugural 52 week photo challenge. The idea is that each week the girls will load their own photo to this blog, which will be their interpretation of the theme. The theme - which I'll start choosing initially, will be posted each week. The only restriction is that it's not to be a photo that you already have, but must be taken during the week.

Visitors are asked to leave their vote for the best photo of the week in the comments section below that weeks post.
At the end of the year, we'll have an overall winner, who will be awarded something amazing and totally awesome... Hopefully in the meantime, each of us will be learning how to take better photos, learning new techniques from each other and moving from the green square on the Canon dial, to actually using our cameras to their full capabilities. So, please pass this link on to all your friends. We want everyone to join in the fun of voting for our 2008 Digi Chic of the year award. Let the fun begin! DK

1 comment:

miasmummy said...

Hey, I'll be voting each week chickies and more than likely joining in on my own blog! What wonderful inspiration!