Saturday, April 5, 2008

Week 15

Congratulations number three for winning the most votes with your beautiful footprints in the sand photo!

The next theme for week 15 is:

PORTRAIT - Black and White

The poll is now open for voting on your favourite ARCHITECTURE photo - so have a look and see what you think!


7. The love between a father and son.xxxx


8. Portrait of a Giggle.


5. Little girls have a magic all their own....


9. Portrait of a rock star


1. The lines on his face tell his story...


2..... Smiling eyes


10. just perfect.


No 4. That...........not so fresh feeling.

11. living in the moment


tracey said...

absolutely beautiful girls - this is gonna be a great topic

Melissa said...

Loving these already!
I *heart* black and white

Anonymous said...

what beautiful eye catchlights number 5. stunning pic