Friday, May 23, 2008

Week 22

And the winner for week 20 What's That? is...

Number 5 with a Ladybug's Butt!

Voting has now started for week 21 - a difficult theme to photograph - Refrigerator, so please cast your vote - put your two-bob's worth in and make all the agonising over the theme worth while!

And finally, the theme for week 22 is (care of the lovely Lisa)



6. My favourite piece of tehnology!


11. A breakfast symphony


4. Ant Music...


3. Musical Instrument


10. Your dedication shows in your application - the chord change


1. Sunset Concerto

(NB: orchestra off side)


7. Music to my ears, kids laughing and enjoying each others company

**************************** beloved vinyl



Anonymous said...

Number 11 I love it! What a sweet sound to have in the wee small hours of the morning lol!!! But it is what our childhoods are made of - who needs to spend $$$ on toys...

Anonymous said...

ah yes well dh would call it more a cacophany than a symphony! LOL