Friday, January 2, 2009


Well it's been a long challenge but a fun one. Thankyou for all your support and friendship. It has been great to see the world through your eyes, another perspective. Photography is the closest we'll ever get to walking in someone else's shoes...
So the scores have been tallied up, and finally I can announce who won.
In first place with 129 points is...
Congratulations Mel and thankyou again to all the people who voted.
I had planned to post a photo of your prize here today - but unfortunately I can't just yet! I will though, very soon.
And also, in second place and very very close (as a matter of fact, up until the final poll, first and second place were TIED!)
Is... Number 11 - KIRSTY HARRIMAN- Hooray!!!
And third place, well done to NIC POMEROY!!!
Could you ladies please email me your postal addresses, thanks.
I hope you all have had a wonderful, hope-filled start to the new year. I'm thinking of doing the dyptich challenge over at ART SLAM - It's open to ANYONE and EVERYONE. You would have to arrange to post it on your own blog or web space. What do you think? Find a partner - it's all you need to do!
Lots of love and best wishes for the days ahead,
X Me


Mel Connell said...

OMG!!!!.thats soooo cool! Thanks Guys for an amzing photo challenge all year!

No I have to finish off my album, I have been printing my weekly photo and putting together a little 8x8 album of them!!!!

I am so going to miss the photo challenge!

Lu said...

Sorry I did not get in on this...being a photography lover and all. sounds like it was a great project.

Nicole said...

Way to go Mel, loved your photos chicky.

AND crapo, didn't think I got that many votes to come in Third.

Thanks to you all, loved everyone's photos each week.


scrapwitch said...

congrates to the winners
thanks for the cooooooool challenge