Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week 52

OK - so I'm a little bit out on the numbering system, but I hope you all get the idea by now! Basically, this is the last week of Gallery 12, and although it's turned out to be more like Gallery 7 or even Gallery 4 some weeks, I hope you have all had fun trying to take photos of sometimes difficult and challenging ideas and objects. Especially if you are like me and your kids are about the only things that take up the most space on the camera card! It's been a fun journey and I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for participating in the challenge. I haven't added up the scores yet - but hopefully I'll manage that by end of next week - the last poll. And thank you also for all of you who have voted - it's kept up the pressure and a bit of incentive for us all to keep plugging on week to week.

Well, the last theme for the year is finally here,and it may come as no surprise to you all either. here 'tis...

Self Portrait!

Yes - the BIG REVEAL - although you probably all know who is who at the zoo by now. So set your tripods up - books, shelves, or whatever, and work out how to use that timer. All portraits should be taken by yourself, capturing a unique part of you, your essence.

Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas for Thursday. A special Merry Christmas toRobyn who is celebrating this special day a long way away from her country, family and friends - we hope the day is a unique and special memory for you Robyn.

Peace x Don


1. Donna Jensen


3. Marnie Sanford.

So, I fell off the bandwagon, but I am back for the last round... Thanks for all the inspiration girls!


4. Mel Connell.......


10. ~ Tracey T aka tiddlypeep ~


9.Lisa Oxley

aka scrapwitch

N0.8 Binrow
AKA Robyn Payne

Thanks so much for this year, its one I'm not going to forget in a hurry!!
Sorry about the end though I have been a bear with a sore head without my camera,
but DH has promised me I can go get it in Jan/Feb...YEAH!
Once aain thanks to Donna for all her efforts in running this challenge, I am so glad I was apart of it all.



aka weBBgod


7. Nicole Pomeroy

- little messy, little washed out and mostly unfocused. Sorry I missed a few of the last weeks, but three kids can sometimes get a little chaotic. Had a blast Donna, loved thinking {out}side the box



tracey said...

thanks girls for all the fun - and the challenge - had a fantastic time with it - and got myself a heap of pics that i can put up around the house - enjoy the rest of 2008 --- thanks donski - your the bestest!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the journey, I was happy to travel along each week with you all when I could, missed a few weeks voting but that is life xxx Do hope you do something like this again xxx It was wonderful looking in from the other side xxx What Beautiful photos from you all each week! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey sorry I didn't get my pic up for the last week - what a slacker - what lovely lovely self portraits of you all though - well most of you all - I really enjoyed doing the challenge too,and every week definitely proved to be a challenge. Thanks Don for being an ever present inspiration to us all. You are the true winner here! (no offence to our highly talented Mel whose pics have been amazing through the year and you totally deserve first place!)
Kirsty xo (aka 11)