Saturday, December 6, 2008

Week 50

Gosh - I can hardly believe it - into the 50's and the home stretch as well.

Congratulations to number 1 for a very happy snap.
The new theme for this week is...


Buon Natale!


7. The Spirit of Christmas: love, peace and thankfullness.




10. Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree


1. Fatima's Place

I went to visit this house in town where the entire front yard is dripping with fairy lights, christmas ornaments and things that sing and dance to the tunes of old favourites like "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" I was trying to snap away and be unobtrusive at the same time when out she came... A rather large and jolly lady with a handful of lollies for me, inviting me to see more of the fairyland delights within. She introduced herself as Fatima. The inside of her home was equally as fantastic as out and after being introduced to who I think may have been her mother and aunty, and some light conversation I politely left, with a smile on my face as my belief in humankind was renewed. Today I spoke to a stranger. She invited me into her home. Note to self: Do this more often...


11. Reading the Christmas story... To our dog!



Anonymous said...

Lovely pic there but whose is it ?

Donna said...

Anon - we are going by numbers to try and keep the bias down as much as possible!!! But come back in week 52 for the big reveal!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I did mean the number Don! K here, wondering which number it is! Please reveal yourself :)

Donna said...

Seems Blogger wont let us go in and change the post and add the number - so the second photo of the little girl and christmas bird is number 5.

Anonymous said...

Number 1 here - manged to load my pic up of chritmas lights - and then couldn't move it or label it either! Sorry 'bout that! Will attempt again tomorrow!

YouPazzotube said...

Very good