Friday, January 4, 2008

Week 2

All photos are up so voters please feel free to vote for week 2 photos.
Voting for week 2 will remain open until Friday the 18th.
Your Backyard

11. the backyard is her canvas

Aperture Priority ISO 200 f1.8 exp time 1/1000


8. The beach is my backyard.

Full manual setting - f7.1 - 1/800 sec - iso 400

1. Friendships are formed in my backyard...
AV f5.4 iso 20


2. Our backyard in a bubble

Settings : 250 iso f 4.0 1/500 no flash Lens:60mm


9. summer in my backyard.
AV. 1/200. ISO 400

4. The Backyard is her Kingdom.
Aperture: f3.5, Shutter: 1/210, Focal Length: 6.30mm, ISO: 400.

7. Our backyard is always full of washing

Program AE Mode; shutter 1/200; App f10; ISO 400


12. Backyard colour...

5. It never gets old...sprinkler fun in the BACKYARD!

3. The joy of living in inner suburbs - this is my BACKYARD!

Shutter Speed Priority - 15 second exposure


6. A piece of my backyard ...

AV mode ... F/5.0 75mm - 300mm lens


10. I love laying down on the grass in the backyard to watch the clouds go by and the palms sway in the wind... i could do it all day - except for the thought of being rained on or sunburnt to a crisp.


Pamela said...

Time to play again.....

Kirsty said...

Oh, now come ON! You know some of us here live hundreds of km from the beach? That photo is simply drool worthy for this little ocean deprived soul! What gorgeous vivid colour. Nice one.

scrapwitch said...

wow now thats a perla .8.great shot

Donna said...

Here here number 8 - what amazing colour. Love love love it!

Anonymous said...

OMG..... that shoot of the chickens' is a classic xxxx

Jodie said...

oh wow, how did you get that bubble shot, whoever took it???
that is one of the hardest things to capture and you got a backyard reflection in it, just wow!!!!


gypsyangel said...

What an inspiring website, I know I for one will be tuning in every week to see what you have come up with. Fantastic idea whoever thought of this one.

Have fun.

Mary said...

I am really enjoying checking out these photos. I know they are not all in yet but No 1 gets my vote. What a derrier. (Not the Chickens)

Nicole said...

Oh girls loving these pics so far, all so beautiful.

Now what am i going to do?????

Thinking cap will be on

gypsyangel said...

I hope you all don't mind but we have decided to come along for the ride. Thanks for the inspiration, I think these challenges will get a few of us out of a rut. Thankyou so much for being very unique and talented women.

Donna said...

Number 5 - that is amazing! Just love how you have literally captured a moment in time - everything is on a freeze frame, every tiny droplet of water! It's beautiful! This woudl be gorgeous blown up and framed - or made as a canvas for that little bloke.

s4j said...

I'm confused as to when to vote...I thought this coming weekend as recommended because there doesnt' seem to be a #3 or #6 I think another couple are missing.....or can we vote more than once???....So far I love the I enlarge my screen I think I see pegs on a clothesline???...awesome....and #5...the sprinkler.....very very clever, love the water drops toooo....
So many more gorgeous shots as well....I'm having a play with the themes toooo.....such inspiration..

binrow said...

Oh WoW N0.5 a sprinkler!! My kids have never seen a sprinkler in there whole life, makes me wish they could!!


Donna said...

#3 that is a fantastic shot - have never tried to take a night shot - but will definitely be on the cards - was it a cloudy night? I know where you were for that shot!!! Memories...

# 3 said...

Hmm, it was indeed a cloudy night -I love the look against the city lights! And yes - that whole are is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These are far too stunning to vote on..... who - which one????? Awesome.... I am enjoying seeing the ideas that form from each person....

miasmummy said...

I'm voting for number 3, I just love it!! xxx

Kirsty said...

number 3 did you use a tripod to get that city lights pic?

Jo said...

I would have to say number 2 gets my vote....just love the idea of capturing the reflection in the is just amazing! Well done to everyone tho, there are some awesome photos, have really enjoyed looking at them all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dode,

We have a few people using the same computer who all want to vote, and the little voting bar on the front doesn't seem to let us vote twice?

So the extras in my house are casting their votes here:

LG likes number 1
LK likes number 5


Meg said...

I keep looking at all the photos and boy it doesnt get any easier to choose. Well done to all of you. I think the City Lights gets my Vots No3 just in front of the Boy under the sprinkler.

Lexie said...

WOW what wonderful inspiration.

Number 2 gets my vote this weeek.