Friday, January 25, 2008

Week 5

The winner from week 3 - Serenity is: Number 10.
Congratulations on a beautiful *sparkly* photo!
The theme for week 5 is:

Reflections of a beautiful day.

Full manual 1/160sec f/5 iso 800.

11. "Kisses For Me!"
P mode, no flash, ISO 800, 50 mm lens, f/2.0 exposure time 1/50


2. I see Me in your eyes!


1. Reflections on Lives Lost

HMAS Sydney Memorial


7. Reflections of our TV on our Coffee Table


5. A reflection of parklife..


9..a moment of reflection during childhood ..



a place for peaceful reflection.


It's amazing what you can see having breakfast at the computer.



Gallery 12 said...

Hi gals - this one has been quite a tricky theme - really had to use my thinking cap - thanks Kirsty!

Data Babble said...

Great pictures! I can't wait to see what the future holds...

Anonymous said...

yeah no probs Donna!!! ;)
these pics are all very creative I think. What an interesting array of reflective interpretations. Great work gals!

Anonymous said...

Oooh number 11 - getting a nose out front again! Will anyone pip her at the post this week??? Tis a lovely pic! Good luck everyone!