Friday, February 1, 2008

Week 6

And the winner for week 4 is.....
Number 3!
The theme for week 6 is:
VOTING IS NOW OPEN for week 5 Reflection photos.

Good luck everyone!


No 6. Circles ...
Av Mode f/4.0


N0. 8 Circles in the morning dew.

Full manual 1/500 sec f/11 iso 1600


No 5. kitchen circles
Full Manual - 1/100, 5.6, ISO 800

No 7. Didn't realise how many circley things I love with Scrapping.

Full Manual 1/30; f5.6; ISO1600


No. 11. Circles can be found in the most surprising places...

P mode 800 ISO f/2.8 exp time 1/125 no flash

10. Lots of round little buttons.


1. Look! Chook!
AV Mode f5.0 (that's all I can remember!)


No 4. Lots of glowing circles...............


9.rolling circles



tracey said...

loving the circle theme - although its got me a bit stumped girls??? -- but looking forward to what we all can come up with all the same..

scrapwitch said...

wow number 8 ...your photos always leave me wanting more...i adore your take on the different theme....a wonderful magical nature shot ,you rock

miasmummy said...

That photo of the spiders web is WOW!!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

great take on circles gals! It's amazing how different everyone's perception of the same theme can be, isn't it?!