Friday, February 8, 2008

Week 7

Number 4!
Congratulations #4 on a very contemplative take on the Reflectioons theme.
You've obviously got kids because it looks like a cold cup of tea to me!

The week 7 theme is:


4. When the weather's hot............


1. Sunflower Girl


7. This is a good Summer for us, flooding rain

Full Manual; ISO400; 1/200; f5.6


8. Nudie Swim!!!


5. Beach babe


12. Champagne & a Summer Storm 10.33pm


2.Summertime is all it's 'quacked' up to be....
F 11 1/250 400iso 55mm focal length


summertime is...

... a game of footy in the park with family

11. mmmmm.... a golden summer brew awaits!

P mode, no flash, 800 ISO, f/7.1 exp time 1/640


9.summertime is ...a late afternoon stroll by the lake



scrapwitch said...

im pretty sure number 4 hAS NO KIDS AT ALL...
hey there gallery wondering how you are all going...because
im stuggleing with the weeks set needing time to process the theme ,usually the weekends activities are already planned so getting the theme on fri night ,allows 2 or 3 to thought process about what im going to do..then its work all week and im stuggling to race around to get the shot by friday......and regarding this weeks theme...summertime was supposed to be last weeks (but there was a mix up),for this week i would have chosen LOVE of course...being valentines and all...i would have sent this thru hotmail,but i have been having troubles with hotmail,and havnt been albe to log in for 3 days ......happy clicking gallery 12 chickies

Anonymous said...

It's true, I have no kiddies, but love a luke warm sugary tea!!! =)

Anonymous said...

love that summertime shot ,number 4

Donna said...

Ok gals - so how about (for a treat as it's been such a hectic back-to-school time for quite a few of you) we stay with the Summertime theme this week as posted - and then in honour of St Valentine, do a LOVE theme next week - and this will give you all a few more days grace during a busy time to come up with your photos - but just this once !!!! I'll also post the theme as usual next week - this is just a heads-up. X Don

scrapwitch said...

thanks least ill be able to put my thinkin cap on a little earlier.....hope your all settled in over in the west....and back to scrapping sooooon.

Nicole said...

Mmmm loving the piccies. and the flower lush.

tracey said...

oh gosh ...great theme - we just need the rain to settle a bit - lol-- i love the rain as long as i can sleep in ...

Anonymous said...

ahhh number 12 you are going to think I have copied you but alas I took my shot (yet to upload) last night at dusk and its actually along very similar lines to yours... please forgive accidental coincidence! You will see what I mean when you see it. All other summertime ideas have eluded me... including the stormy skies, which alas have avoided us this week.

Anonymous said...

ok have uploaded my beer bottle now! Promise it was a spur of the moment inspiration last night... I suspected I wouldn't be the only one to be inspired by a cold alcoholic drink!!