Saturday, February 23, 2008

Week 9

The winner for week 7's most popular 'Summertime' photo is...
Number 10.

9. Guardian of Wood.


7. Antique Wooden toy.


No 5. Wooden boathouse...


2. Framed


3. Wooden Picket Fence


10. Wood sound good...


1. "Yeah, gets a little bit windy 'round here..."


N0. 8 Little wooden boy.


4. The chocolate curls of nature.......


11. Wooden wheel of time...



Anonymous said...

what a fab theme! So open and concrete, thanks Melissa! looking forward to lots of "grainy" pictures.

tracey said...

love the theme melissa -- just not sure how to photograph the hollow sound of it between my i am too funny today... got lots of inspiration for this one... and everyones pics for the love theme are too yummy... a lot of them u could just eat right up, anyone got any chocolate left?

have a great week girls

Donna said...

Oooh - just love seeing these pics come up one by one - and the first three are so beautiful! I'd better get cracking! Could all the Gallery girls please email me at home with theme ideas so i can keep sharing it round - thanks!X Don

Vee4kids said...

Are those trees in Geraldton WA.?

I think thats where i have seen them. (16 years ago)