Friday, January 11, 2008

Week 3

And the winner from week one is..........

Number 1!!!

The voting poll will be available next friday night
to start voting for week three photos,
so keep a look out during the week to start making up your mind!

The week three theme is:



8. Teddy and Me
full manual 1/400 sec f/5.6 iso 1600

6. A quiet peaceful moment ...



Nothing more peaceful than getting stuck into the grease.

Full manual settings; shutter speed 1/80; aperture f6.3; ISO 800


1. Serenity


5. A precious, quite moment of play...


12. Putting ones feet up!


4. Tea.........


10. ...this was the simple happiness of complete harmony with her surroundings, the happiness that asks for nothing, that just accepts, just breathes, just is. --Countess Van Arnim, English writer ************************************

2. The smell of a gorgeous aromatic garden


9.serenity can be a bit like this..for some !

AV....ISO 800.aperture f4.5 shutter speed 1/1000



scrapwitch said...
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Anonymous said...


Kirsty said...

Greg's lovin' that serene tree number 1... XO still searching for insopiration

Anonymous said...

Loving those tea pots number 4!!

Anonymous said...

So are we only voting between 2 this time round. That is all that is listed for voting.... or do we have to list a number next to 1 & 2? not sure what the rules are this round?!!!!

They are all stunning photos

Gallery 12 said...

Sorry all should be good - there was a technical hiccup with uploading the blog numbers - thank you for being patient with it all -you should be right to cast your vote next to your favourite number now.

scrapwitch said...

wow there's some cool shots..number 10's magical water shot is so amazing ..number 8's angelic pic of child and teddy..soooo sweet..
those feet up..great editing job..
you rock who do i vote for ??????